Krishna Torgal from India

MBA 2020

In Germany, 3 April

"The Corona situation across the globe has affected our lifestyle and global economic conditions.  Despite the total lockdown, the confirmed cases are on rise across several countries. To break the chain, I have self-quarantined for more than two weeks now. I am confident with correct measures and precautions, our lifestyle will be normal in couple of more weeks. I will be able to get back to my regular evening walks and meeting with friends.

On the other hand, I find that market situation is on the brink of meltdown as all the non-essential businesses are closed.  I come across several posts on LinkedIn where people mention about their job loss or difficulties to find an internship.  I am currently hunting for the job and finding it real challenging to identify the open position that suits my profile. But without being too pessimistic, I am utilizing this time to build my skills and gain knowledge on the topics that interest me. We shall overcome this epidemic and look forward to the normal life and good opportunities."

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