Ganesh Swaminathan from India

MBA 2014

In Frankfurt am Main, 6 April

“Little did I know, that the Coronavirus disease will become a global pandemic when I texted a colleague in China in January and enquired her about the situation after the Coronavirus outbreak in China.

It makes me really sad to see the number of affected cases constantly grow higher day by day. Currently the right thing to do is to stay at home and be in self-isolation. Like most other people I am also working from home and I regularly video-chat with my colleagues. I am still finding ways to keep myself engaged after my working hours. I am an avid traveller and also most of my hobbies in the past have been connected to doing something outdoors. But now I have started to try some new indoor hobbies like experimenting in the kitchen, reading Kindle eBooks, learning to paint etc.

At times like these, I not only think about the people in medical field who are working hard to end this pandemic but also about the others who are working outside their homes, for example bus drivers, supermarket employees etc. I have great respect for them and I also feel grateful for the people who are helping others in these tough times.

My heart goes out to the people who have lost their lives and who are currently suffering, and also to those (people who have lost their jobs etc.) who are affected by this situation.  I hope that people around the world who can do social distancing and self-isolation would follow the same without any excuses. I am anxiously waiting for the day when this pandemic will show signs of reduction.

Stay safe and healthy!“

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