Pastors Uwe Schindera and Stefan Schwarzer from Germany

University Chaplains

Dear Students, dear Friends, dear Personnel of Esslingen University,

We would like you to know that we Pastors from the Catholic and Protestant Church are with you at this time. The Corona pandemic marks a great difference worldwide between the time before the pandemic and the present. Now we understand in another way that we belong to one world, that we ARE the one world. Let's stay together!

Remember that we have hope. As Christians, we hope that our lives will be saved through Jesus Christ, who was resurrected from death. Things that seem to be doomed by fate will turn out in another light, will be ok. Therein we trust.

We wish all of you throughout the world a very healthy Easter. May God bless you all.

Should you need an open ear during this time, please do not hesitate to email us at Uwe.Schindera(at) or stefan.schwarzer(at) .

Uwe Schindera, Stefan Schwarzer

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