Chaminda Hettiarachchi from Sri Lanka

MBA 2002

In Sri Lanka, 3 April

"In a time when the entire world is struggling to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic, I am honored to share my ideas as a MBA alumnus of the Esslingen Graduate School.  I live in my home country of Sri Lanka. As a tropical Island in the Indian Ocean, the spread of the virus here is still in early stage with less than 200 affected cases and only few deaths. Some think we will not get affected much based on our weather and the geographical location. However, I think we are still in the early stage of the curve and worst is yet to come and hence we should take preventive measures seriously.  Anyway, the entire country is under curfew for few weeks now and we try to apply social distancing strictly.  Therefore, I work from home and use digital technology to connect globally.

As an active member of Graduate School alumni community, I keep in touch with the faculty members, staff and fellow alumni while following what is happening in Germany. I am very interested to know more about how Germany, even affected with high number of cases of Covid-19, has been able to “flatten the curve” with proportionately fewer deaths.   It will be very useful for us in other countries to learn from German experience and best practices.

My current professional work involves introducing Industry 4.0 technologies for socio- economic development in Sri Lanka.  As a way of contributing to the national campaign on preventing the spread of coronavirus in Sri Lanka, I am working on several not-for-profit projects of using 3-D Printing technology for Covid-19 related device productions. I am really happy to collaborate internationally with any like-minded people who can contribute with their expertise. I strongly believe that times like these need more global partnerships and international solidarity. I wish you all the best, good health and request you to stay safe. Warm greetings from Colombo, Sri Lanka!"

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