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Bineet Kumar from India

MBA 2015

In Göppingen, 8 April

The Lockdown

The start of each year is looked upon
As a chance to start afresh,
To make new plans, to set new goals,
To advance in life, to achieve no less.

And this was the start of a decade,
And another hope to make things right,
To set it rolling for the next ten years,
To better the world with all our might.

Is it wrong to dream, to aspire?
To advance, to run to stay ahead?
To try to make our lives better?
Doesn’t that set us apart from the dead?

May be we ran a bit too fast,
And ran alone for our own good.
Leaving behind the nature and the rest,
And all that so long for us stood.

Yes, our greed ignored the early signs,
And endangered the earth divine.
To run at pace and to touch that post,
We just remained a man, forgot the mankind.

Who would have foreseen a start like this?
That would push us decades behind.
Quarantined, fearful, locked at home,
Searching for toilet papers, hard to find.

When working from home would become an order,
When the whole world outside would be in disorder,
When meeting friends would be a thing of the past,
Schools would be shut, unaware how long would it last?
When such questions would become too common,
When we’d realize something wrong has been done.

Bodies being carried on trucks on the roads,
Hospitals burdened and the staff distressed,
Governments clueless and the people confused,
But the numbers still rise, regardless.

As we remain home, alone and locked,
Planes grounded and the ships docked,
Businesses closed and the empty roads,
Relatives distant and the problems broad,
May be it’s time to look within
And to understand the wrong,
Man is not alone on this planet
The nature must be kept along.

The phase will be over and normalcy would return,
Smiles will be back and world would be strong,
Hopefully the lesson would’ve been learnt,
That the planet must be preserved for long.

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