Andrés Corrales from Ecuador

ASM 2021

In Esslingen, 3 April

"I am very concerned about the situation our world is experiencing right now. In my case, being isolated from the outside, has being very tough.

The idea of being in another country is to be able to interact with people from different parts of the world and of course learning a new language and more about new cultures.

This unexpected event has changed all the plans that I have and of course, the ones of my fellow colleges as well. I don’t know if the process of getting a master's thesis or a job here in Germany will be easy after this situation. A crisis is on the way and in countries like mine the situation is getting very difficult each day. Hearing about members of my family and friends losing their jobs gives me a feeling of helplessness and in addition being so distance from them and from my new friends in Germany is a situation with a lot of feelings that I  expect not to experience again.

Let’s pray that our world can overcome this situation and also let's take in consideration what we all are living right now, in order to appreciate more what we have."

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