Dr.-Ing. E.h. mult. Ludwig Dürr

Graduate 1899

Bürgerschule (public elementary school) Stuttgart
3-year apprenticeship as an engineer
Practical training during studies in the engineering department of the Railway Inspectorate Aalen

1899: Designer at the "Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Luftschifffahrt“(society for construction and promotion of airships) in Friedrichshafen, participation in the construction of the first airship LZ1

1901 - 1945: Chief Designer of all airships built in Friedrichshafen
Pioneer of lightweight construction (introduction of duralumin)
Test run of Zeppelins

1913: Technical director of Luftschiffbau Zeppelin Friedrichshafen

During the difficult economic situation of post World War I, development of lightweight automotive components and of a light self-supporting car body

1925: Honorary citizen of Friedrichshafen

6 honorary doctorates of German universities and technical universities of applied sciences
Numerous honours and honorary memberships (i.a. VDI - The Association of German Engineers)


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