Faculty Mechanical and Systems Engineering

Collaboration opportunities

A core task of the universities of applied sciences is to transfer knowledge into industry. They do this by teaching and training students, and through collaborative projects with companies. The Research Group is therefore always looking for industrial collaboration partners who are interested in joint research & development projects in our fields of research - reliability engineering and PHM. The collaboration partners benefit from the many years of experience and the expertise which the Research Group contributes to the project.



Companies which are facing similar issues, are interested in embarking on these topics or already have definite ideas for a project, are welcome to get in touch with our Research Group at ReliabilityAndPHM@hs-esslingen.de for an informal exchange of ideas. We can offer a wide variety of possible topics for projects, ranging from fundamental theoretical or methodological problems through to application-oriented research and the development and implementation of actual applications.



A collaboration partner can either commission the university directly or avail itself of one of the many publicly funded programmes whereby the costs incurred by the university are sometimes taken over in full. In addition, several programmes also fund the costs incurred by the industrial partner as a result of the project. This applies in particular for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). When a collaborative project is publicly funded, the first step is to define the framework conditions for the planned project together and set the project goals. Suitable funding programmes are then selected with the help of the Research and Transfer Unit at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences and the necessary funding is applied for.


Interested? Apply! for the Wintersemester 2023/24