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Reliability Engineering & Prognostics and Health Management Research Group

The Reliability Engineering & Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) Research Group is headed by Prof. Zeiler and deals with issues relating to the failure mode and the service life of technical systems. It addresses elements of classical reliability engineering such as statistical reliability assurance with accelerated service life tests, as well as topics from the relatively new research field of PHM. This research field encompasses the individual remaining useful lifetime prediction of a technical system with machine learning methods.

Current research topics include:

  • Calculation of the reliability under operational conditions
  • Data analysis by means of machine learning/artificial intelligence
  • Condition diagnosis and prognosis using data-driven and hybrid methods
  • Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

These topics are to be found in our research and also in our teaching. The Research Group has several publicly funded projects. It also supervises doctoral projects in collaboration with the University of Stuttgart. Furthermore, great importance is attached to knowledge transfer into industry. This is achieved by undertaking research projects with partner companies and also by incorporating our current research topics into our teaching. In addition to our lectures, we also regularly offer student projects and projects for final theses.

Apply for summer semester 2023!

The application phase for the summer semester 2023 begins on October 15th 2022.

Start in the winter semester 2022/2023:  Direct enrolment in our open-admission programmes until 15 September 2022.

More information
Peter Zeiler
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Zeiler


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