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Regular occurrence: Top rankings for the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

The Dean, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Steffen Greuling, and all the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences viewed the results compiled by the Centre for Higher Education (abbr. CHE Ranking) published on 7 May 2019 with delight and as a motivation for the upcoming semester. This year, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has again achieved one of the top positions in the ranking, which surveys more than 150,000 students and analyses more than 300 universities and universities of applied sciences in German-speaking countries.

The results published in the ZEIT Studienführer (Study Guide) special supplement in May 2019 compare different aspects of university education and training, and are intended to offer prospective students and those currently studying, and academic advisors, professors and companies as well a comprehensive perspective, and the opportunity to see the individual universities, faculties and degree programmes included in the comparison from a different point of view.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering convinces those surveyed in eight crucial categories in the German university ranking and receives the top marks of 1.3 and 1.7 for general situation for studying, academic programme, programme organisation, supervision, support whilst studying, examinations, stays abroad and career information.

The Dean, Prof. Greulich, had this to say in a press interview: “I am delighted that we are held in the highest esteem not only by our own students, but also by the companies.”

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences enjoys a very good reputation not only among students, but it also convinces industrial partners in the region itself, nationwide and beyond Germany’s borders.

The ranking published in WirtschaftsWoche** magazine is based on the expert opinions of around 650 personnel managers and managers of employment agencies and their experiences at the sharp end as to which universities or universities of applied sciences train the graduates who are best prepared for the daily working routine.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering puts Esslingen University of Applied Sciences at the top of the class in this ranking as well. Its fifth place makes it one of the top-ten universities. The faculty also puts a lot of effort into cultivating intensive collaborations with industrial partners. It pays to continue to nurture the technical exchanges of ideas and the forward-looking collaborations, and to make the effort to intensify them further, and this will remain one of the main priorities of the faculty’s daily routine. Mechanical engineering graduates from Esslingen University of Applied Sciences are well received by industry, have an extremely good reputation and can demonstrate their expertise in their everyday work.

This point of view is reinforced by the following statement from Tina Smetana (Head of Universum Germany, employer branding consultants): “Students do not select their university according to academic standing alone, but also according to how a degree from a particular university affects their job opportunities (, accessed on 14 May 2019).

It is no secret that mechanical engineering graduates from Esslingen University of Applied Sciences have very good employment prospects. This situation results from a mutual give-and-take, it is the good training they receive at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences and which is confirmed by the ranking positions, it is also the advantage afterwards for the graduates themselves and for their future employers.

*CHE Ranking online edition, accessed on 14 May 2019

**University rankings of the “WirtschaftsWoche” magazine from 3 May 2019

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