Data Scientists analyse data from all areas of business.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)Digital Business

Today, data is more important than ever for the success of a company. In the Digital Business degree programme, you will learn business know-how combined with the ability to analyse and evaluate data and put it into the right context.  This means that you will lay the foundations for well-founded alternative courses of action and entrepreneurial decisions, thereby making a crucial contribution towards the success of the company.

  • Campus Hilltop

  • Period in semester7 Semester

  • Languages of instructionGerman/English

  • Application PeriodsWinter semester: 30 April to 15 July
    Summer semester: 31 October to 15 January

  • Continuing Master ProgramsInnovation Management
    Smart Factory

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Content Information

You can expect training in the basics of business administration paired with a focus on digitalisation and data science as well as content from business psychology.
The content of the study programme is geared to CRISP-DM (Cross Industry Standard Process for Data Mining), the common standard for the development of Data Mining processes.

Career Perspectives


The decision to study Digital Business is the right step towards your professional future. Companies are looking for well-trained experts who can use data strategically as decision-makers at the interface of IT, data analysis, corporate management and business administration. With your knowledge, you will be able to develop data-based business models tomorrow, thereby initiating important changes.

    Your career opportunities

    With your degree, you will have countless opportunities, because experts in the field of Digital Business Analytics are in demand in many areas: 

    • Company management
    • Controlling, invoicing, HR
    • Marketing, sales, SCM, production, purchasing, logistics, quality assurance
    • Research, product development, product design
    Companies are looking for well-trained Data Business experts



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    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    Which criteria are used to award the university places?

    There are usually more applications than places available. This means that not all applications for degree programmes will be successful. The places available will be awarded in accordance with the result of the university’s own selection procedure.

    We are unable to give details of any admission restrictions (numerus clausus, NC) in advance. The NC states the selection threshold and the waiting time in semesters (periods of 6 months) for the last student in the ranking who is admitted to the degree programme. This means the NC varies depending on the number of applicants, their selection thresholds/waiting times and the number of places available. Since this is different for each application phase, we are unfortunately unable to provide any information about the admission restrictions (NC).

    Why do I apply to and to the university?

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    For whom is the study programme suitable?

    • You are interested in business and society in the context of digital change
    • You enjoy working with numbers and putting data into a logical context
    • Your strengths include analytical skills that you can translate into creative solutions
    • You are interested in digital technologies and media
    • Good Mathematics skills are an advantage
    Students of Digital Business work on a data project

    The perfect mix

    The Digital Business degree programme is the perfect mix of Business Management, Data Science and a pinch of psychology. After completing your degree, all doors will be open to you!

    Prof. Dr. Dorothee Brauner, Programme Coordinator of the Digital Business degree programme
    Prof. Dr. Dorothee Brauner will inform you about the advantages of the degree programme.

    What distinguishes usGood reasons for studying at Esslingen University

    Real data projects

    From the 4th semester onwards, you will work on practical issues with our cooperation companies.

    International experience

    Gain experience in an internship or study abroad at one of our partner universities.

    Practice & theory combined

    You participate in labs and exercises from the first semester onwards and therefore deepen your theoretical knowledge.

    Business understanding

    Your timetable will include business subjects in all semesters.

    International standard

    The modules are geared to the CRISP-DM standard. This way, you will learn a standardised approach in Data Science projects.

    Guaranteed support

    Maths and physics preliminary courses, personal counselling and other support services make your everyday study life easier.


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