Laboratory Product Analysis and Logistics (ES)

If you have any questions about the work undertaken and the classes in the LPL, please contact Prof. Wörner or Prof. Wlcek directly.

  • Product analysis:
    The lab houses a vehicle, a Smart, and vehicle components such as the engine and gearbox of a truck, for students to try their hand at product analysis and redesign. Components can be removed, digitised, analysed and improved, the improved product can be produced as a prototype, replaced and tested.
  • Logistics:
    Warehousing and simple assembly processes in particular can be tried out in the Logistics Laboratory.
    Students work in groups to investigate how Lean Management techniques can be used to improve these processes.
    Another key field in the Logistics Laboratory is order picking. Various order picking techniques which can help to increase productivity and improve ergonomic aspects can be demonstrated and experienced first-hand.


Product Analysis and Logistics Laboratory (LPL)

  • Reverse Engineering and Redesign of vehicle components form part of the “Processes of Product Development” lectures
  • Simulation and planning of traffic flows are covered in the “Mobility concepts” lectures
  • Lean Management exercises form part of the lectures on “Process management” and “Supply Chain Management”
  • The analysis of order picking techniques and processes is covered in the “Procurement and Logistics” lectures

The Product Analysis Laboratory is in Room F2.261

  • Smart car, truck engine and gearbox
  • Assembly workstations
  • Racking and order picking techniques
  • Software for design, simulation and much more

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