Laboratory Logistics and Mobility

The laboratory is designed to bundle the teaching and applied research activities in the fields of “logistics and mobility”.
Key subject areas which are to be developed further in the teaching and the research include lean management, warehouse management and supply chain management. The laboratory supports the “Logistics and Mobility” specialisation available as part of the Engineering Management degree programme.


LogLab model factory

In the 'LogLab' model factory, subject matter from the lectures in Procurement and Logistics, Production Management, Intra-Logistics and Supply Chain Management is brought to life and can be experienced in a real production process and with the aid of various manufacturing structures. The link between theory and practice is thus forged by acting out different scenarios.

Three different products are manufactured by using different production layouts and in various manufacturing structures. After each phase, the participants can compare notes on their observations, document any weak points in the factory layout or the manufacturing process, and discuss possible improvement proposals to increase productivity.

The business game created in the Logistics and Mobility Laboratory was designed right from the start so that it can be refined and expanded in future projects and allow new approaches to be integrated as well.

At present, the individual phases of the game are being developed further, more phases are being added and the digitisation of the individual process components (e.g. triggering an order, manufacturing instructions, control of the assembly process and the transport operations, automatic inventory recording, recording the stage of completion, digital defect control etc.) is being investigated and implemented.

If you are interested in a collaboration or would like to use the laboratory for training purposes, for example, please contact Hannes Winkler.

Video: LOGLAB - simulation project

Project WNB6 / Impressions of the assembly line

Labor: Logistics and Mobility
Curse: Prof. Dr. Hannes Winkler, Erna Enthaler



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