Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)Chemical Engineering / Colour and Coatings

Do you want to design products to make them last longer but still look attractive? Do you want to make an important contribution to sustainability and help shape the important shift from fossil to renewable raw materials? Then the degree programme in Chemical Engineering/Colour and Coatings will be just right: You will develop environmentally friendly and modern coatings for products from all areas of life.

  • LeaderCHE ranking 2022

  • Campus City Centre

  • Period in semester7 Semester

  • Languages of instructionGerman

  • Enrolment PeriodsWinter semester: 30 April to 15 September
    Summer semester: 31 October to 1 March

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Content Information

The broad training and the combination of chemistry, technology and creative design is unique.

During your studies, you will deal with

  • the basics of organic, inorganic, physical and macromolecular chemistry
  • the manufacture and technology of coatings
  • application techniques, i.e. how colours and coatings are applied to a wide variety of substrates
  • physical test methods for the examination of coatings and coating layers

Career Perspectives


With the Bachelor’s degree programme “Chemical Engineering/Colour and Coatings” you will lay the foundation for a promising and future-safe career.

There are many options open to you in the industry, because coating engineers are specialists in high demand. Exciting tasks await you in research and development, in application technology, in analytics and quality control, in technical marketing and many other areas.

Start professional life straight away with your Bachelor’s degree

  • with manufacturers of coating raw materials, coatings and printing inks
  • in the plastics, adhesives and sealants industry
  • in application operations (e.g. car industry)
  • in the painter trade
  • at vocational schools or in the public sector, e.g. historical preservation institute
  • in the colour design studios of the large architectural paint or pigment manufacturers.
Good career prospects with a degree in Chemical Engineering/Colour and Coatings



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Students at their laptops in the library of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences
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For whom is the study programme suitable?

The degree programme in Chemical Engineering/Colour and Coatings will suit you if you:

  • Want to make an important contribution towards product sustainability.
  • You are passionate about aesthetics and product design.
  • You are interested in paint, lacquers, coatings and their innovative applications.
  • You enjoy scientific and technical contexts and issues.
  • Have analytical skills and an interest in chemistry
Chemicals Engineering lab, Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

Colour / coatings specialisation

After leaving high school, I didn’t know what I wanted to do at all. On the one hand, I was interested in the manual work and, on the other, in natural sciences. I then decided to train as a vehicle painter. Immediately afterwards, I moved to Esslingen and started studying chemical engineering, specialising in colours and coatings.

Kathy Panienski, student of Chemical Engineering/Colour and Coatings
Specialisation in Colour and Coating at the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

Many areas of application

Coatings are pretty exciting really. To this day, I find it fascinating to learn what is actually coated. In our everyday lives, we come into contact with “coatings” every day. Be it glazed wood, a soft-feel coating on a high-quality PC mouse or the highly scratch-resistant car paint. This demonstrates that despite a high degree of specialisation, there are many areas in which coatings engineers can work.

Dr. Fabian Schuster

Dr. Fabian Schuster, Alumnus of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences
Dr. Fabian Schuster studied Chemical Engineering/Colour and Coatings at the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

What distinguishes usGood reasons for studying at Esslingen University

Study with the best

Top spot in the top group nationwide in the CHE University Ranking ZEIT Campus Guide in 10 of 13 categories.

Practice & theory closely linked

You will develop your own solutions to real issues in modern labs.

Financial support

In the “advanced practice” study model you can carry out all practical elements in selected partner companies.

Esslingen City Campus

Modern campus just a few steps away from the Esslingen old town with its lively cultural scene.

Student life

It certainly won't be boring: University music, sports, cafés and events provide some extracurricular variety.

Tight network

Leading companies offer practical semesters and bachelor's theses. They also assist with guest lectures and laboratory experiments.


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