High-tech fabric: The function of the surface and its appearance are important success factors

Master of Science (M.Sc.)Applied Surface and Material Sciences

High-tech products make a crucial contribution to economic success. The function of the surface (for example, protection, dirt absorption, cleanability, haptics, sliding properties, sensors) and its appearance are important success factors in product design. With your Master’s degree, you will develop innovative surface solutions in future-proof areas such as mobility, energy, construction, communication and environmental and climate protection.

  • Campus City Centre

  • Period in semester3 Semester

  • Languages of instructionGerman

  • Enrolment PeriodsWinter semester: 30 April to 15 September
    Summer semester: 31 October to 1 March

  • Admission RequirementsBachelor’s or Diploma degree in the fields of chemical engineering, chemistry, surface technology or materials science (or similar).

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Career Perspectives


Future products require answers to complex requirements of parts and components. Surface and material science plays a key role here. The Master’s degree qualifies you for tasks in research or development in this future-proof field. As a sought-after expert, you provide innovative solutions for a wide range of industrial issues.

Your career opportunities

Knowledge of Product and Innovation Management as well as company leadership will prepare your for management positions.
The course content also qualifies you as a link in interdisciplinary cooperation. Your broad knowledge of interdisciplinary methods also opens up very good career opportunities in marketing, analytics or quality assurance.
Alternatively, you can also complete a doctoral programme.

A scientist uses a microscope



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The full application documents include theadmission application for the Master's degree in Applied Surface and Material Sciences.

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This awaits you

You will experience Germany’s world-renowned standards of excellence in education.  You will acquire networked competences in surface and material sciences and thereby create significant added value for yourself. You will be taught by experienced professors. You will benefit from specialised know-how in the relevant fields of expertise. The high proportion of practical studies (approx. 30%) takes place in  excellently equipped laboratories.

Developing high-tech materials

Entry ticket for a doctorate

“My Master’s degree at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences was the ideal ticket for my doctorate and for my first permanent job. I like to think back on the group work. Each of us brought his or her professional diversity with us through the previous Bachelor’s degree.
Working as a student trainee alongside your studies helps you to find the right field of work and makes it easier to get your career started.”

Dr. Marie-Claire Fogas-Braun, Alumna of the degree programme in Applied Surface and Material Sciences.
Alumna of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

Practice-oriented teaching

“My first thoughts about the degree? The good reputation of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences in industry. Graduates from Esslingen really are in demand with companies. I can implement the technical content of the degree programme almost one-to-one in my job. In fact, I always take a look at my old documents now. The teaching was really practice-oriented.”

Timo Wetzel, Alumnus of the Master's degree in Applied Surface and Material Science
Master graduate of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

What distinguishes usGood reasons for studying at Esslingen University

Topical teaching

The course content is oriented towards the current and future challenges of surface and materials science.

Strong research

You can become part of a research group during your studies. After completing your degree, you can aim for a doctorate.

Postgraduate studies

In addition to deepening your knowledge of the basics, you will study current research results and trends.


Modern equipment

You will deepen your theoretical knowledge in perfectly equipped laboratories. <

It's a promise

You can rely on your professors to support you in every phase of the Master’s programme.


Research projects and final theses on relevant study topics are part of your everyday study routine.


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