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Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)Biotechnology

You want to learn how to use the wonders of nature in a technical way to refine products or make them yourself? Then Biotechnology is perfect for you.
As a biotechnologist, you will learn how to produce active medical ingredients or refine food with the help of natural processes. At the interface of biology and technology in state-of-the-art laboratories, you will work with enzymes, micro-organisms, cell and tissue cultures to create solutions that improve the world of tomorrow.

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Content Information

You can expect a broad scientific and practical education in the biotechnology field of expertise. In addition to chemical, physical and mathematical basics, you will deal with the relevant key topics of biotechnology.
In the second part of the degree, you choose a main focus:  Bioprocess and plant engineering or molecular biotechnology

Career Perspectives


Biotechnology is now playing an essential role in more and more areas of application and occupational fields. These include the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology industries, the food industry and applied environmental protection. 

The degree prepares you to make a major contribution to a healthier and more innovative world. Whether in the field of development and production of vaccines and other biopharmaceutical agents to fight and cure diseases, or in the field of system design or in the food industry - your work will make an impact.

These occupational fields will be open to you

  • Research and development
  • Analytics, quality control and diagnostic areas
  • New and further development of measuring, laboratory and medical devices
  • Planning, development, commissioning, optimisation of production plants and processes
  • Production and reprocessing of products from bioprocesses
  • Project management and application-related consultancy
Best career prospects for biotechnologists in a broad professional field



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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Which criteria are used to award the university places?

There are usually more applications than places available. This means that not all applications for degree programmes will be successful. The places available will be awarded in accordance with the result of the university’s own selection procedure.

We are unable to give details of any admission restrictions (numerus clausus, NC) in advance. The NC states the selection threshold and the waiting time in semesters (periods of 6 months) for the last student in the ranking who is admitted to the degree programme. This means the NC varies depending on the number of applicants, their selection thresholds/waiting times and the number of places available. Since this is different for each application phase, we are unfortunately unable to provide any information about the admission restrictions (NC).

Why do I apply to and to the university?

For some of the Bachelor degree programmes at Esslingen, the admission procedure for applications for the first regular semester is via the national application portal Hochschulstart and the “dialog-oriented service procedure - DoSV”, where you can apply for a maximum of 12 university places.

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Can I apply although I have not yet received my final certificate?

Yes. You can also apply even though you have not yet received your final certificate.

You can upload your university entrance qualification in Esslingen’s HEonline campus management system until the application deadline at the latest.


For whom is the study programme suitable?

  • You want to help shape the future of humanity, prevent and cure diseases.
  • You are curious about the undiscovered potential of nature and want to make it accessible and put it to use technically.
  • You were interested in biology and chemistry at school.
  • You are interested in scientific and technical contexts.
  • You enjoy laboratory work because it is an important part of your studies.
Bachelor in Biotechnology lab exercises

Good reputation and good contacts

The biotechnology bachelor degree programme is a good combination of natural science subjects on the one hand, especially chemistry and biology. On the other hand, the technical and engineering aspects are not neglected. I decided to study at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences because it has a very good reputation and good contacts in industry. The laboratories here are very well equipped. Last but not least, Esslingen is a very beautiful city and the proximity to Stuttgart also plays a role.

Noel Rathmann, student of the biotechnology programme
Student of the degree program Biotechnology

What distinguishes usGood reasons for studying at Esslingen University

Lab work intensifies theory

Theoretical knowledge is deepened in practical exercises in state-of-the-art and well-equipped laboratories.


In the nationwide CHE university ranking, the Biotechnology degree programme is in the top group in several categories.

Teamwork in small groups

You do laboratory practical work and projects in small working groups that support success in your studies. 

Professional experience whilst studying

Practical work already whilst studying: Practical semester, working student job or practice-oriented Bachelor thesis.

Job Searchs and Contacts to Companies

Esslingen City Campus

A modern campus just a few steps away from the historic Esslingen old town with its lively cultural scene.

Discover the world

Study a semester at one of the international partner universities or spend your internship semester abroad.


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