Examples from technical optics

Open resonator of a Nd:YAG laser

  • Measure a characteristic of the pumping laser

Principle of a semi-conductor laser
Optical power/ current characteristic

  • Configuration of a resonator

left resonator mirror: YAG crystal
right resonator mirror – semi-transparent  

  • Concave mirror
  • Absorption measurement of the YAG crystal to optimise the pumping laser
  • Measurement of the lifetime of the laser level
  • Passive and active Q-Switch to generate micropulses


Far field measurement of light sources e.g. LEDs, laser diodes, VCSELs

  • Investigation of the radiation characteristic of optical sources
  • Measurement of radiant intensity in W/sr

   of irradiance in W/m²
   and of optical power in W

  • Complete half-space measurement with 2 DC motors
  • Astigmatic radiation of a semi-conductor laser because of diffraction



Spectral measurement of light sources, e.g. LEDs, laser diodes, VCSELs and optical fibres

  • Measurement of a spectrum of an LED, laser diode or halogen lamp
  • Spectral attenuation measurement of an optical fibre
  • Measurement of the colour of a plate using the spectral method


Polarisation modulation

of a HeNe laser with the aid of a Faraday rotator

  • The magnetic field of a coil modulates the polarisation plane of a laser beam
  • The beam is amplitude modulated by projecting the E-vector onto a fixed polarisation plane of a polarisation filter
  • An audio frequency modulated to the beam is played back after the filter via a receiver on a loudspeaker

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