Measurement and test rigs in the Mechatronics Laboratory

Test rig for condition monitoring of roller bearings

Condition diagnostics of roller bearings

  • Investigation of the effects of different roller bearing defects and how they interact
  • Roller bearings with various defects and their combination are available
  • Test rig records and saves the speed and the structure-borne sound
  • Radial load can be applied to the test sample

PHM test rig (under construction)

Diagnosis and prognosis of pneumatic components

  • Perform degradation tests on pneumatic components (mainly filters)
  • Advantages of the PHM test rig

Accelerated degradation experiments possible
Broad spectrum of operating conditions
Generation of real data (standard cases)
Completes a high number of life cycles within a short time
Physical models available in the literature

  • Modular structure allows the system to be extended

Tactile and optical metrology

  • Measurement of form system: Hommel 1003/Measurement of form and positional tolerances
  • Coordinate measuring machine: Werth VideoCheck IP 250/Optical and tactile 2- and 3D measurements
  • Roughness meter: Hommel Wave/Measurement of surface roughnesses
  • Digital microscope: Leica DMS1000/A microscope for digital inspection, observation and measurement

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