Essay Application document for the Master's programme in Innovation Management


For the application documents for the Master’s programme in Innovation Management, a maximum three-page essay on the following topic must be enclosed.


Prepare a Management Summary for an innovation of your choice.
Address the description, costing and marketing of the product/service.


The following formatting must be used in the essay.

  • Font size: 11
  • Font type: Arial
  • Headings: bold
  • Emphasis in the text: italics
  • Paragraph 1.5 lines

References should be given as follows:

  • In text: cf. Picot, G. 2002; pg 12-17
  • In the bibliography: Picot, G: Handbuch Mergers and Acquisitions, Planung, Durchführung, Integration; 2.Auflage; Stuttgart 2002

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