Examples from the Sensor Technology Laboratory

Load cell and conveyor belt/industrial sensors

  • Load cell with force sensors

    DMS (strain gauges)
    Piezo sensors
    LVDT (linear variable differential transformer)

  • Conveyor belt with various sensors:

    inductive/ capacitive/magnetic/optic/ultrasonic


Weather station and thermal imaging camera/ambient sensors and thermography

  • Weather station with various sensors

    Temperature (Pt1000, thermocouple)
    Air pressure

  • Thermal imaging camera

Non-contact temperature measurement
Handling an infrared camera
Measurement principles with infrared radiation


Triangulation/distance measurement with the triangulation measurement principle

  • Setup to measure distance according to the triangulation measurement principle
  • Line sensor
  • Evaluation methods for line sensors
  • Investigation of linearity, repeatability/precision

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