Additive manufacturing in the Mechatronics Laboratory

Additive manufacturing

3D plastic printers: Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)

  • Fortus 380MC from Stratasys

Can be used with up to eight materials, incl. ABS, electrostatic discharge ABS, bio-compatible ABS
Layer thicknesses 0.127 mm / 0.178 mm / 0.254 mm / 0.330 mm

  • Mark Two from Markforged

3D composites printer (onyx, nylon, carbon fibre, fibreglass, HSHT fibreglass, Kevlar)
Layer thickness is 0.1 mm

  • Dimension SST from Stratasys

Plastic models in ABS with water-soluble support materials
Layer thickness is 0.2 mm
Accuracy is 0.2 - 0.3 mm

  • Stratasys Mojo

Compact 3D printer with modelling (ABS) and support material

  • MakerBot

Well-known 3D printers from the Maker movement
Layer thickness is 0.1 mm

3D plastic printers: ColorJet Printing (CJP) / Inkjet Technology

  • ProJet 460 Plus from 3D Systems (CJP)

3D gypsum powder printer, material polymer gypsum, prints high-resolution, photo-realistic models in colour with full CMYK spectrum
Layer thickness is 0.1 mm

  • Agilista 3200 from Keyence (Inkjet)

Prints high-resolution, flexible, but robust models with liquid plastic material (acrylic resin) or silicone
Heat-resistant parts up to 100°C possible
Layer thickness 20 µ or 15 µ


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