More than one good reason to join us! Here are several good reasons to study at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences and the Faculty of Management and Technology

  • The excellent reputation of our university and our degree programmes
    Esslingen University of Applied Sciences is one of the oldest and most renowned universities of applied sciences in Germany. We are in the top flight in numerous rankings and thus offer you the best possible conditions to successfully complete your degree.
  • Our outstanding professors and teachers
    The courses at the Faculty of Management and Technology are taught by many renowned lecturers, whose publications make them well known far beyond the university. Utilise their specialist knowledge and practical experience to complete your studies successfully!
  • The wealth of opportunities to gain experience abroad
    We offer our students a broad spectrum of opportunities to study at attractive locations around the world, graduate with double degrees or undertake internships there. A great many of our graduates therefore find the experience they gain during their time abroad to be extremely beneficial.
  • Proximity to companies of world renown
    Many companies of world renown are located in the immediate vicinity of our university and we have close relationships with many of them, for example Daimler (Mercedes), Porsche, Bosch, HP, IBM, Stihl, Trumpf, Kärcher, Festo, Mahle, Schuler, ...
  • Degree programmes with a technological focus
    The technological focus of our degree programmes means you will learn to understand how the products of the companies in which you will later work function, and how these products are developed and produced.
  • Attractiveness of Stuttgart and its environs
    As you study for your degree, you should not neglect what »life« and »experience« have to offer. A broad and diverse programme of culture and leisure awaits you in Esslingen, Göppingen and Stuttgart, too.



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