Industrial Management on the Flandernstrasse Campus/Esslingen

Fit for the global markets

A clear teaching concept and lecturers with specialist skills have made the programme, which combines engineering and business management, a success story. The Flandernstrasse Campus in Esslingen is where the Faculty of Management and Technology trains large numbers of young people in two very successful Bachelor programmesIndustrial Management/Automobile Industry (TAB)” and “International Industrial Management (TBB)” and it is also home to the “Innovation Management (IMM)Master programme.

Graduates of these programmes are subsequently employed in different sectors of international business and industry. Their excellent training and the high reputation of the university that this engenders enable them to rise to senior management positions in business and industry.

An essential feature of our Bachelor programmes  is the way they combine topics from the fields of business administration and engineering. These especially include product management and sales & marketing, organisation and change management, managerial accounting, automotive industry, energy systems and supply chain management. To complement what you learn on these courses, you will also become more familiar with intercultural issues and topics of relevance from the natural sciences and IT, and also enhance your knowledge of a foreign language.

The  Innovation Management (IMM) Master programme attaches great importance to the interdisciplinarity between engineering, business administration, and social and intercultural influencing factors.


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