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Virtual insights into our programmes

So many decisions to make, so many things to think about, and so much that you can’t know yet: deciding where and what to study can be difficult. To help you navigate all this information, please have a look at the programme sites and feel free to get in touch with the Academic Advisor for your programme.

But you need more than a personal chat and checklists to really get a good idea of what student life is all about. So we have put together a whole lot of videos which show you what life as a student is like - also and primarily during these times of the coronavirus pandemic. It goes without saying: things have to be organised a little differently at the moment. The university, the teaching staff and the students have a new daily routine and each day presents them with unknown challenges that did not exist in the 'Before Coronavirus' era.

These videos show you projects and labs, as well as some especially creative solutions developed in response to the coronavirus situation.

We have also put together a collection of short, funny videos which clearly explain the special features of the different degree programmes. We hope you enjoy watching them!

The university also offers a

Virtual campus tour - “Let’s take a look!”

Interviews with professors about the programme || 360-degree video “Logistics and Mobility Laboratory”

Creative coronavirus semesters

Due to the coronavirus, the Esslingen University buildings have remained largely closed for the last two semesters. Students have been unable to meet their professors and fellow students in person, everything has had to 'go digital' and take place online. This has required both teaching staff and students to be creative in teaching, learning and working through the course material. Group work in particular has been a challenge.

This has made some of our results all the more amazing, and here we would like to present those from IMM2, the "Denkwerkzeuge” (Thought tools) mandatory elective and the current Mechatronics project.

Apply for summer semester 2023!

Attention, the application phase only runs until 15 January.

Please note that the application deadlines for the international Master's degree programmes may differ.
Enrol directly in the open-admission degree programmes.

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