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Summer/Winter Block Seminars

"Technical Basics"

The Faculty of Management and Technology  regularly offers a two-week, full-time course in Technical Basics during the semester break. We switched to online classes and exams due to Covid-19, which means that you can participate in our courses via Webex and Moodle, and we offer an open-book online exam at the end.

Our block seminar is quite similar to a summer/winter school and is designed for international students who have taken few or no technical courses so far, but are pursuing a technical business degree.

For young people who are not yet sure which course to study, the block seminar can offer an insight into daily student life. Furthermore, students can gain some ECTS credits for their regular studies in Esslingen if they pass the exam.  

For students from our partner university in Gannon, USA, the block seminar is mandatory. The seminar provides the  technical knowledge they need to achieve their double degree in Esslingen.

The majority of our participants are international students from all over the world. Therefore, all courses are taught in English.

Jakov Cordas from Bjelovar University of Applied Sciences in Bjelovar, Hungary, had a great experience in our block seminar:

"The winter block seminar was an interesting experience which showed me how much I know or don't know about material science and processing, statics and international exchange.  The lecturers, Mr Hoover and Ms Bot-Schulz, approached the current problem of Zoom-lectures with much care and creativity using every tool at their disposal to make our learning as easy and effective as possible. I'm more than grateful  for their effort. Materials that were used in lectures (presentation, pdf) were very useful to me. I can confidently recommend this block seminar to anyone who does not have an engineering background, but also to non-native English speakers: I think this seminar is an excellent 'learning tool' to improve your English skills."

Our next block seminar will take place

in summer 2022. More information will be given soon.


Short facts

Summer Block Seminar in technical basics

- all courses are at bachelors's level, full-time and worth 6 ECTS.

- all course content will be available asynchronus via Moodle and excercises take place live online.

- contents:

  1. Fundamentals of Material Science and their application in Vehicle and Mechanical Engineering
  2. Fundamentals of Statics and Strength Theory and their application in Vehicle and Mechanical Engineering
  3. Materials Processing and its application in Vehicle and Mechanical Engineering

- at the end there will be an online open-book exam.

- students need sufficient command of the English language as well as basic mathematical knowledge.

Materials Processing

Students will...

  • learn the six main groups of manufacturing processes (casting, forming, separating)
  • get to know the subcategories of the first three main groups of manufacturing processes
  • learn both traditional and innovative processes and their respective characteristics
  • identify boundary conditions for the technical and economical use of processes
  • assemble several manufacturing processes to process chains for typical automotive components
  • understand the relationship of Manufacturing Technology to Material Science and Statics and Strength

Material Science

Students will...

  • understand important materials and their construction, properties, meaning and applicability
  • understand the relationship between internal structure and functional properties of materials
  • assess opportunities to further process materials
  • understand the possibilities and limitations of different material groups
  • have in-depth knowledge of ferrous metals

Statics and Strength of Materials

 Students will...

  • analyze systems of forces (decomposition and assembly of forces)
  • recognize and calculate the resulting effect of multiple forces and torques
  • mathematically and graphically determine unknown forces in even central force systems
  • determine unknown forces in even general force systems
  • calculate internal stresses in components for the base load cases
  • understand and assess component’s failure mechanisms


How are the courses taught?

We offer a hybrid lecture model. The theory of the seminar is offered through videos that can be viewed via Moodle – exercises are mandatory and are offered live online.

Do I have to finish the whole seminar including all three courses?

For TBB, TAB and Gannon students all three courses have to be passed. For all other international students the

courses can be chosen separately – a certificate will be given after the course has been successfully passed.

I am an international student – how does the exam take place?

The exam takes place in an online format. You need a good and stable internet connection, a web cam and a printer.

Which Corona Regulations apply to the final exams of the block seminar?

The Corona Regulations of HS Esslingen apply.

For more information look at our current Corona Regulations.


The time frame for registration will be announced in advance to each block seminar (see top off the page).

Please register by e-mail to Christiane Höger-Riedel including the following information:

  • your university e-mail account
  • the name of your University 
  • the degree program your are currently enrolled in


Christiane Höger-Riedel
International Coordination Outgoings and Incomings
Faculty of Management
University of Applied Sciences
Flandernstrasse 101
D - 73732 Esslingen


Apply for summer semester 2022!

The application period for the summer semester 2022 starts on October 15th 2021 and runs until January 15th 2022.

Apply now