Automotive Engineering (M.Eng.)

General Information

General Information

General comments:

  • continuation Master’s programme for all automotive engineering Bachelor specialisations
  • open to graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in a related subject (e.g. mechanical engineering) from Esslingen University of Applied Sciences or another university
  • the specialisations for the Master’s programme are structured as for the Bachelor’s programme, but there is greater flexibility
  • the knowledge required to take a specialisation in the Master’s programme can be acquired in the preparatory module in the first semester of the Master’s degree
  • if students already fulfil the requirements for a specialisation, the preparatory module becomes an elective module and serves both to consolidate the specialisation and also to facilitate a change of specialisation when transferring into the Master’s programme
  • research project is a key component of the study programme (group project over 2 semesters at the university)
  • the automotive engineering Master’s programme is taught primarily in German, some modules may be taught in English
  • the Master’s programme always starts in the summer semester
  • applications must be sent to the Admissions Office by 15 January.

We offer…

  • research work in collaboration with industry
  • teaching in small groups
  • team of instructors with many years of experience
  • laboratories with the latest equipment
  • opportunities to specialise according to the choice of compulsory options

Academic Director

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gregor Rottenkolber

Degree programme leaflet

Automotive Engineering (M.Eng.)

Facts and Figures

Facts and Figures - at a glance

Degree awardedMaster of Engineering (M.Eng.)
FacultyAutomotive Engineering
CampusEsslingen City Centre Campus
Number of semesters3
Language of instructionGerman
Application PeriodsUp to January 15th for the summer semester

Application and Admission

Application and Admission

Applications for this programme must be submitted online via the application portals for Master’s degree courses at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences. Applications for the summer semester must have been received by 15 January.

Information on the accompanying documents which must be submitted can be found in the checklist for Master’s programmes.

Students may commence this degree programme in the summer semester only.


The formal requirement is a Bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering/mechanical engineering/mechatronics or a related discipline as long as 50 points were gained in the subject-specific competence.

Admission restriction: 40 programme places

Maximum number of places per specialisation: 12

Composition of the selection grade:

The selection grade is made up as follows: 33% from the subject-specific competence and 67% from the final grade for the Bachelor’s programme.

Subject-specific competence:

The maximum number of points which can be taken into account for the subject-specific competence is determined by the Admissions Committee. The maximum number of points which can be taken into account for each subject is given in the table below:


Electrical engineering and metrology

5 Credits

Electrical engineering

6 Credits

Structural mechanics 1

4 Credits

Structural mechanics 2

4 Credits

Information technology or electrical engineering 2

6 Credits

Design engineering 1

6 Credits

Design engineering 2

6 Credits

Design engineering 3

6 Credits

Motor vehicles 1

5 Credits

Motor vehicles 2

6 Credits

Mathematics 1

6 Credits

Mathematics 2

6 Credits

Scientific foundations

4 Credits

Technical mechanics 1

6 Credits

Technical mechanics 2

4 Credtis

Thermodynamics and fluid dynamics 1

4 Credits

Materials 1

4 Credits

Materials 2

5 Credits

Other technical subjects

7 Credits

The Credits gained are added together. A maximum of 100 points can be achieved. The number of points (P) is converted into an index (K).

Formula for the subject-specific competence: K = -0.06*P+7

Application documents

Application documents required for admission

  • Proof of the successful completion of an appropriate university degree course including details of the average grade obtained (certified copy of the certificate in German or English
  • Diploma Supplement : alternatively, a copy of the study and examination plan on which it is based or
  • Module description with an Internet address, where possible (This section does not apply to graduates of the Bachelor’s programme in automotive engineering at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences.)
  • Form - Appendix to the online application for admission to the Master’s programme in automotive engineering:
  • Appendix to the online application for admission to the Master’s programme in automotive engineering

Application without a degree certificate from a preceding programme of study


  •  Transcript of Records, which must have been issued not more than four weeks before the application deadline
  •  Written confirmation from the university or faculty of:
  • (overall) average grade achieved to date 
  • longer-term average of the final grades for the degree programme. Applicants must have obtained their Bachelor’s degree before they commence their Master’s programme
  • applicants may be granted provisional admission on the basis of these documents. Note: The provisional admission can be revoked when the overall grade stated on the degree certificate is worse than the provisional overall grade calculated. If this means places on the programme then become available, a process may be implemented whereby applicants who were not initially considered move up the list.

Applicants who obtained their degree at a foreign university

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences requires a university degree gained at a foreign university to be recognised by the Center for International Students at Constance University of Applied Sciences (Studienkolleg Konstanz).


The curriculum for the degree programme and detailed descriptions of the programme modules are contained in the Module Catalogue.

Module Catalogue Automotive Engineering (M.Eng.) (German Version)

Career prospects

Career Prospects

The complexity of the technology used in automobile construction has increased drastically in recent years. Engineers who develop such highly complex products must have a very strongly developed and in-depth understanding of the system. The “Master of Automotive Engineering” therefore builds directly on the “Bachelor of Automotive Engineering” to teach students the core competence needed. This Master’s programme rigorously consolidates and extends the knowledge gained in the Bachelor’s programme. Students are qualified to find new solutions for current and future problems facing motor vehicles. The theoretical content of the Master’s programme qualifies them to undertake tasks in research and pre-development departments as well as for team or group leader positions in their future company. With a Master’s degree, graduates may also continue their studies and do a doctorate.

Apply for summer semester 2021!

Applications open October 15th 2020

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Gregor Rottenkolber
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gregor Rottenkolber