Geometric vehicle design

A benchmark for autonomous local public transport vehicles is established at the start of the RAMONA project. Figure 1 shows an excerpt for the “Olli” people mover by way of example.


The demands placed on an autonomous public transport vehicle are collated in a list of specifications and serve as the basis for the RAMONA project. In addition, a solution framework (marked in green in Table 1) is defined for the subsequent development.


A parametrically structured dimensional concept is drawn up which is closely linked to the specifications (Figure 2).


The design development for an autonomous local public transport vehicle can be taken from the Schorndorf Real-World Laboratory research project and will be scaled to match the dimensional concept developed.

The concept development for the autonomous local public transport vehicle is based on the morphological box, of which an excerpt is shown in Table 2.

The concept which has been developed is presented in the form of a CAD model in a virtual environment (Figure 3).


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