Lab Embedded Systems
Model-based software development for embedded autonomous systems

In the Lab Embedded Systems the knowledge and methods to develop embedded autonomous systems are taught. The development of ECU software for embedded, autonomous systems is considered as a closed process with the stages: Design, Modeling, Simulation, Automatic Code Generation, Test on the target system.

The following software packages are used for ECU software development:

  • MATLAB/Simulink for modeling and simulation
  • MATLAB/Stateflow for automatic code generation and porting

The target systems are different microcontrollers such as Arduino/Raspberry Pi.

The main application area in the lab exercises is software development for autonomous driving model cars. In addition to 16 PC workstations, there is an approx. 80 m² test track for the development of autonomously driving model vehicles.

The model vehicles are on a scale of 1:10. The microcontrollers in the model cars evaluate data from a video camera and various sensors in just a few milliseconds. Acceleration sensors provide information on driving dynamics and lidar and radar sensors detect obstacles. This is used to generate a realistic mathematical description of the vehicle's surroundings. The steering angle and vehicle speed are controlled using the curvature of the trajectory.

In order to measure the progress and the acquired knowledge with other student teams, a student project team of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering regularly participates in the Carolo Cup under the name it:movES. The Carolo Cup is an international student competition that provides a platform for student teams. The annual cup is organized by the Braunschweig university. The challenge is to implement state-of-the-art algorithmic solutions for vehicle control and environment perception based on a realistic application scenario.

The it:movES project group has been very successful in the Carolo Cup university competition in recent years.

Information about the Carolo Cup and the project team it:movES


Lab Room: F01.407

Lab director

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reiner Marchthaler


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