Lab Data Basis
Efficient, consistent, permanent data management

Design and development of hierarchical, relational and object-oriented data models for database applications.

Application and consolidation in the administration of database management systems. Opportunity for certification as an IBM/DB2 administrator.

  • Relational Algebra
  • Database query language SQL
  • Layer model, database architectures and components
  • Administration of rights, indexes, views, triggers and stored procedures
  • Generation of evaluations using open standard interfaces (ODBC)

Small teams design and implement a database application as part of a project, from the idea to the executable product. They learn to assess the impact of the data model on implementation, performance, maintainability and extensibility.


Business Intelligence

  • Application of holistic concepts of intelligent decision support
    Online Analytical Processing

  • Implementation of theoretical approaches of economic and technical decision support in real systems

  • Setting up and learning architectures and components of BI systems
    Setup of multidimensional models, OLAP cubes

  • Modeling and implementation of business intelligence systems


Data Mining, Big Data, Intelligent Data Analytics

  • Application of data mining methods
  • Selection of suitable technologies for data mining methods and Big Data technologies
  • Generation and recording of time series data
    Regression and prediction
  • Machine learning methods: cluster analysis, classification
  • Artificial neural networks


Lab Room: F01.410

Lab Director

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Nonnast


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