Fraunhofer Application Center

The first Fraunhofer Application Center in Baden-Württemberg was opened in September 2012 at Department of Information Technology at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute of Industrial Engineering (IAO) under the name Competence Center for Energy and Information Technology Mobility Interfaces (KEIM).

KEIM's central field of research is the development of software solutions for energetic and mobility interfaces. Information such as traffic data, identification data, preferences and billing data must be exchanged between users, vehicles, mobility providers and infrastructure. They also need to be analysed and interpreted. An example is that it must not only be possible to charge an electrical vehicle from the power grid, a buffer battery or other sources. Following the Vehicle-to-Grid principle, it must also be possible to recharge electrical energy which is currently not required for the vehicle back into the power grid. Intelligent software solutions must be found for this challenge.

The goal of KEIM is the research and development of interfaces for mobility concepts with a strong practical application reference and possible new business models. In particular, medium-sized companies are to be enabled to offer innovative products and new services in this field of innovation.

Keywords: Big Data, Intelligent Data Analytics, Time Series Analysis, Machine Learning, Visualization of huge amounts of Data, Web Portals for Customer Services, Cloud Computing

Research at KEIM is closely linked to teaching at the Department of Information Technology. In addition to the possibility of carrying out project works or final theses at KEIM, there is also the option of doing a doctorate at KEIM in cooperation with Stuttgart University.


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