What is Computer Science and Engineering?

We live in a world of so-called digital transformation. The term digital transformation refers to the progressive change process of automating more and more computer-based processes and thus making them more intelligent. Digital transformation affects not only our professional environment but also our private lives.

Terms that are frequently mentioned in connection with digital transformation are Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Industry 4.0, Smart Devices, Smart Grids, Autonomous Systems, Automated Driving and Blockchain. All of these terms are exciting core areas of computer science and information technology and therefore also research and teaching areas in the courses of the Deparment of Computer Science and Engineering at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences.

Formally, computer science is the science of the systematic representation, storage, processing and transmission of information, with a particular focus on automatic processing with computers. The approach is more theoretical and technical. Computer Engineering, on the other hand, is concerned more with the practical applications of computer science. Both terms are often abbreviated as IT.

As a university of applied sciences, we focus on applicable knowledge and practical solutions. In projects and cooperations with a large number of industrial partners in and beyond the Stuttgart area, we help shape the future of our economy and society.

But IT is not just pure technology. Rather, IT is the link between man and machine for the use of hardware and software to process and manage data of all kinds. IT must be comprehensible and intuitively usable for humans - despite all its complexity. This is the only way to solve people's real problems with innovative products, systems and services.

The fascinating thing about IT is that it is independent of any industry aera. No matter what the product or service, all companies need computer science and engineering. IT can make our everyday life more comfortable and most of the time we don't even realize this.

Computer science and engineering will therefore help us to shape our future according to our values and needs. Let's tackle it together.

If you would also like to help shape the IT of tomorrow and enjoy working in a team with others on challenging and exciting tasks, then take a look at our study program pages and find out more about studying IT at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences!


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