All Study Programs at one Glance

Bachelor's study programs at a glance


All five bachelor's degree programs offer a sound education in the field of computer science and computer engineering, with appropriate specialization and important key qualifications. The degree programs offer effective studying in an optimal environment, with high practical relevance in well-equipped laboratories. The degree programs provide ideal preparation for an optimal career entry.

The study programs comprise 7 semesters with an integrated practical study semester. The practical study semester takes place in the 5th semester. The final thesis is carried out in the 7th semester.



Master's study programs at a glance

The two master's programs complement a bachelor's degree with a further scientific qualification in the field of computer science and information technology. The master's programs have a duration of three semesters. Two theory semesters are followed by the master's thesis in the third semester.

Study model individual learning pace

Students in the bachelor's degree programs can optionally opt for the individual speed study model. This study model is an individual support program and allows the maximum duration of study to be extended by up to two semesters.

First-year students have a very heterogeneous composition. They have different levels of education and biographical backgrounds. They come to the university with different university entrance qualifications. Possible knowledge gaps and missing knowledge are the normal case. The study model of individual speed allows more time for learning. The number of exams is spread over a longer period of time. Therefore, the maximum duration of study is longer than in the normal course of study.

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