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Study Program Business Information Systems (B. Eng.)

The study program Computer Engineering imparts basic and specialized knowledge in the first 5 semesters. The fundamentals and specialized knowledge of the program include mathematics, physics, digital technology, computer architecture, sensors and actuators, digital signal processing and control engineering, as well as operating systems and computer networks. At the beginning of the 6th semester, students specialize in one of the study concentrations Cyber-physical Systems and Autonomous Systems.

Major field of study Cyber-physical Systems

Cyber-physical systems are intelligent, networked, embedded systems that control electronic or mechanical system components. In the 6th semester, the necessary specialized knowledge is taught, such as design and networking of embedded systems, as well as safety and security in embedded systems. Specialized knowledge can be acquired in elective courses. Upon completion of the program, graduates will have mastered the competence to develop collaborative embedded systems with high reliability.

Later professional fields of activity are in the area of developing reliable intelligent systems, such as driver assistance systems, smart homes, smart grids, intelligent industrial process control and automation systems, traffic control and traffic logistics systems, or intelligent energy distribution. In short, in all fields of activity of Industry 4.0.

Major field of study Autonomous Systems

Autonomous systems are mobile, networked, intelligent systems.  Autonomous systems work together in complex and open environments with a high degree of independence and self-determination. Autonomous systems perceive the unpredictable, learn, act autonomously, and respond intelligently to changes in the environment. In the 6th semester, the necessary expertise in artificial intelligence, such as machine vision and learning, intelligent route and path planning, is taught for this purpose. Reliability and safety of these systems are equally important. Specialized knowledge can be acquired in elective courses. After graduation, students have the competence to develop autonomous systems of high reliability.

Later professional fields of activity lie in the development of self-driving cars, collaborative production assistants or mobile traffic logistics systems. In short, in all fields of activity of the Internet of Things.

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Catharina Kriegbaum-Kling
Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Catharina Kriegbaum-Kling