Internationalisation of the faculty SAGP

The faculty considers internationalisation to be a building block in the development of the professional capabilities of its graduates. The scientifically based professional work also includes getting to grips with different cultures and religious orientations and the ability to draw up international comparisons, for example.  The faculty is involved in the social policy dialogue on these topics and integrated into national and international specialist discourses.

The faculty offers courses in English worth at least 30 credits in the semester. These seminars can be taken by the faculty’s own students and also by students from partner universities abroad.

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The Faculty of Social Work, Education and Nursing Sciences strongly supports the internationalisation of lecturing, studying and research. We therefore warmly invite international guest lecturers and researchers from our partner universities. Our faculty members will be happy to assist you both before and during your stay in Esslingen.  

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Semesters of study at partner universities in Europe and beyond are funded within the framework of ERASMUS cooperation agreements, which also enable students to undertake short-term stays abroad.  Students may also complete their semester of practical study abroad thanks to the large number of international institutions with which the university collaborates.

The faculty supports lecturers and staff who want to spend some time abroad at (partner) universities and conferences within the framework of the ERASMUS Teaching Staff Exchange and Staff Exchange mobility programmes.

The SABP Faculty produces an annual report on the internationalisation of the faculty. In compiling this report, the Dean's Office wants to make the current status of the faculty’s internationalisation accessible and transparent to all professors, lecturers and staff as well as to external collaboration partners. 


The faculty is also involved in international specialist discourses through its participation in international research projects and international specialist conferences. For example, the faculty is integrated in the PowerUs (PowerUs - The Social Work Learning Partnership)  international network, and one of the faculty’s course projects involves working on its projects. The network consists of partners from universities and representatives of various user organisations in England, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Japan, and has set itself the goal of promoting the involvement of users/clients of social work in the teaching.

The faculty places special emphasis on internationalisation at home, to enable all students to acquire international skills. Guest lecturers from partner universities are invited to Esslingen on a regular basis; they support the teaching in the faculty and contribute to its internationalisation.

Students taking the B.A. Social Work degree programme can select the INTERNATIONAL specialisation and thereby obtain international professional competence with skills in international expertise, intercultural competence and languages. Some of the modules in the INTERNATIONAL specialisation are taught in two languages (English/German).


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