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Prof. Dr. Jörg Friedrich

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Campus Esslingen Flandernstraße
Raum: F 01.316
Flandernstraße 101
73732 Esslingen


Studiengangleitung - Technische Informatik (B.Eng.)


Laborleitung - Labor Prozessdatenverarbeitung

Spezielle Funktionen

Studiengangleiter Technische Informatik


Dienstag: 12:30 bis 13:30 Uhr

und nach Vereinbarung.




In this course you will get to know the most important aspects when dealing with real-time systems:

  • The Real-Time Environment
  • The System Development Process
  • Hardware Considerations
  • Modeling Real-Time Systems
  • The Software Production Process
  • Real-Time Entities and Images
  • Concurrency
  • Synchronisation and Communication
  • Introduction to Real-Time Scheduling
  • Scheduling Hybrid Task Sets
  • Resource-Access Protocols


Unfortunately I have not found a single book which covers what we do here. The following books can be helpful:


Laplante, P.Real-Time Systems Design and Analysis, IEEE Press, 2004
Kopetz, H.Distributed Real-Time Systems, Springer 2008
Kienzle, E., Friedrich, J.Programmierung  von Echtzeitsystemen, Hanser 2008
Buttazzo, G.Hard Real-Time Computing Systems, Springer 2005


Lecture Material for "Real-Time Systems"

All material for this lecture is published on Moodle.

Laboratory and Lecture Schedule

The official project meetings require that you come well prepared. If you are not sure which group you belong to, group membership and the schedule is published on Moodle.

Exam Terms

There is a single 90 minute exam at the end of the course. You may bring two DIN A4 sheets of paper and a pocket calculator with you.

You can write, copy or print whatever you like on the two sheets or four pages, as long as you can read it without any special device other than your regular glasses.


Distributed Real-Time Systems

Distributed Real-Time Systems

All material for this lecture is published on Moodle.



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