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International Industrial Management (MBA)

Allgemeine Informationen

The Esslingen University is one of the leading universities in Germany for applied sciences, with core areas in engineering and management as well as applied research.

We have developed a brand new focused and effective approach to our specialised MBA by dividing the key learning areas into 3 streamlined majors:

General Management – A classical approach to MBA with a focus in Industrial Management. Master key managerial skills used to handle the varied challenges faced by multinational companies.

Sustainable Production & Technology – Centred around sustainable management concepts. Assessing sustainable activities and the tools and methods used to establish a sustainable supply chain.

Digital Transformation - Examine the impact of integrated technology and smart manufacturing on company structures and procedures. Learn how to manage digitalisation strategies in correlation with company goals.

This unique structure forms New Esslingen MBA in International Industrial Management and coupled with its unique positioning in Germany, combines these internal strengths with an incomparable mix of access to world leading global companies and a stunning middle ages European city experience. The Esslingen MBA is highly competitive, internationally recognised, and ranked among the top European MBA programmes in Industrial Management.

For more information youcan visit our website

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Daten und Fakten

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Akademischer GradMaster of Business Administration (MBA)
FakultätWirtschaft und Technik
CampusCampus Esslingen Flandernstraße
Dauer in Semestern3

General Management

Sustainable Production & Technology

Digital Transformation

APPLY FOR Wintersemester 2021/22!

MBA applications open until 31 May

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Tu Dao Luong
Dipl.-Betriebsw. (FH) Tu Dao Luong

Montag, Mittwoch, Freitag: 8:30 bis 11:30 Uhr
Dienstag, Donnerstag: 13:00 bis 15:00 Uhr