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Meet Sabina Elena Rogos from Romania

International EsslingenStudents

Sabina Elena Rogos is a senior student in Esslingen's M.Eng. in Design and Development for Mechanical and Automotive Engineering. She has been studying in Esslingen since September 2019, and has just moved to Stuttgart for her thesis semester

Moving to Esslingen

Before I came to Esslingen, I was very keen on getting to know people from all around the world and experiencing different cultures, while getting the best out of the German technical educational system. I chose to study in Esslingen because of its prestigious University of Applied Sciences that offers one of the best international student programs. 

This was not my first time out of my home country: I really enjoy travelling and have been to several countries in Europe before. I plan to visit more in the near future when the pandemic situation will allow us.

A year into my studies

Now that I’ve been here a year, I can say that this experience has widened both my cultural and technical perspectives.

The things that I enjoy most about my studies here are that the lectures are up to date with the current engineering trends and the style of teaching is engaging and interactive. The team projects have given me the chance of working and getting to know well most of my colleagues.

Living in Esslingen: the charm of a small city, yet close to the industry

When it comes to the size of a city, I have always preferred a smaller, more intimate and less crowded city. Esslingen has charmed me with its picturesque sites and medieval feeling. Considering the location, one can say that it is the best choice for being close to the industry and also for having the possibility to spend time in nature.

The place that remains dearest to my heart would be the park along the river Neckar. In that place I have spent some of my best quality time socializing or playing sports.

I have now moved to Stuttgart for accommodation reasons. Although I prefer smaller cities, I do enjoy the vibe that the city has and that there are plenty of places to see and explore. :)

More information on Esslingen‘s international graduate programmes:

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