Vortrag (auf Englisch) Revisiting the Purpose of Business: A 20 Year Retrospective

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18:00-19:30 Uhr
Ort: Campus Stadtmitte, Gebäude 1, Raum S01.007

In this talk, Andy Borchers will revisit the on-going debate about the purpose of business.  Over the 20 years of the Esslingen Graduate School's existence, there has been a vibrant, global dialog among academics and practitioners.  Starting with Milton Friedman's classic essay "The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase Its Profits" to Roche and Jakub's "Completing Capitalism", the role of business in modern society garners a variety of positions.


Referent: Prof. Andy Borchers, Gastprofessor von der Lipscomp University, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Termin: 15.05.2019

Ort: S 1.007.

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