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For the first time after a two-year break from Corona, the Summer School of the Faculty of Mechanical and Systems Engineering at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences is starting up again. With 41 students from different Egyptian universities, the programme is full. The students are now at the university for a fortnight and are attending events in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

An insight into a German university

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Y. Shash has been part of the programme since the beginning. He is particularly enthusiastic about the students' keen interest in the programme. "The students can get to know the German higher education system here and experience company visits," says Shash. "Especially in Baden-Württemberg, the Stuttgart and Esslingen region, there are many different industrial sectors in a small area. In Egypt, we do not have so many opportunities to visit big companies. This is a great enrichment for our students."

Zeyad Mostafa Kamel is studying Mechanical Engineering at the British University in Egypt. For him, the programme is a great experience. "Especially for students of Mechanical Engineering, I think it is important to get to know companies and to attend lectures and seminars here that we do not have at home. I am especially looking forward to the company visits!" He is not alone in this. Salma Samir Gawesh, a student at the University of Canada in Egypt studying Sustainable Design Engineering, agrees. "But I also think it is important to experience a different culture. It opens up the possibility for me to work internationally at some point."

Organisation of the programme

During the programme, students can get to know Esslingen and the university. Some differences between Germany and Egypt are surprising for the students. "In Egypt, we do not have so many trees!" jokes Zeyad. The Summer School offer has been taking place for the third time since 2018. Those responsible for the programme are Prof. Dr. Andreas Öchsner from the Faculty of Mechanical and Systems Engineering and Prof. Dr. Ahmed Y. Shash from Cairo University.

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