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Environmental Management

General Information

Environmental guidelines

We meet our societal responsibilities

We, at the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, meet our societal responsibilities to protect the environment. We are committed to raise consciousness for environmental matters and assign them a high priority. We are a driving force as well as setting a good example. In all the areas of our University, ecological aspects are taken into account.

By means of structured and transparent environmental management and regular checks, we strive to improve continually. We want to use resources sparingly, reduce negative environmental impacts, and promote sustainable development above and beyond legal requirements.

To increase environmental awareness, we will

  • integrate environmental protection criteria and sustainable development aspects in teaching, studying and research,
  • communicate the topic of environmental protection through information, instruction and training,
  • engage in active dialogue with the public, especially at local and regional levels,
  • develop and transfer scientific environmental competences in collaboration with politics, the industry and commerce, and associations,
  • support and encourage environmental engagement among all members of the university.

In our use of resources, we will

  • pay attention to economy and efficiency,
  • strengthen the idea of a recycling economy,
  • reduce our consumption of primary raw materials,
  • reduce emissions and waste that are damaging to the environment and health,
  • optimise existing equipment and assess new projects and construction activities according to their environmental impact,
  • take ecological aspects into account in acquisition and disposal,
  • document and monitor the flow of all materials and resources.

We, all the members of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, communicate with each other and are engaged in achieving these goals.

Environmental Declaration

Our Annual Environmental Achievements

The Environmental Declaration applies to all three campuses of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences. It illustrates the structures and procedures used in environmental management and specifies goals.

This document explains how environmentally relevant aspects are determined and how they can be evaluated over time with the help of key indicators.  These are also called "Environmental Achievements".

The Environmental Programme gives an insight into current and planned measures to improve environmental protection. The Environmental Declaration will be updated annually, certified as valid by an assessor and published.

Environmental Declaration 2022 PDF

Environmental Declaration 2021 PDF

Environmental Declaration 2020 PDF


environmentally-friendly mobility

Travelling to the University produces as much CO2 as the entire University

Around three quarters of students travel to the University using public transport, on foot or by bicycle. Nevertheless, travelling to and from the University produces about half of all CO₂ emissions at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences.

Measures to promote environmentally-friendly mobility:

Informations for cyclists

Cycling is worth it!

The advantages of cycling are plain for all to see: it keeps you fit and healthy and is a good balance to studying and work. It improves concentration - and exercise in the fresh air is also fun.   

So, what are you waiting for? Get on your bike – cycling is healthy and good for the environment, too!

Anyone who has attempted to secure a free parking space at the University will appreciate the uncomplicated nature of parking for cyclists. The University offers a sufficient number of cycle parking places on every campus.

Cycle parking places on the city centre campus:

  • Inner courtyard between buildings 1 and 2
  • Entrance to building 8 (covered parking places)
  • Entrance to buildings 7 and 10

Cycle parking places on the hilltop campus:

  • Side entrance and sports centre, building 1
  • Entrance to building 3

Cycle parking places on the Goeppingen campus:

  • Entrance to building 4
  • In building 3 (cycle garage G 03.010)

Showers and Changing Rooms

On the Esslingen city centre campus, there are showers and changing rooms in the basement of building 4 (S 04.-114). On the hilltop campus, these are located in the sports centre.

Cycle Workshops

If you have any problems with your bicycle, the cycle workshop teams in Esslingen (city centre) and in Goeppingen can give you advice and assistance. In the workshops run by students, cycles can also be hired at low rates.

City centre:
Room S 05.-102
Opening hours Mon & Thur: 12:45–13:30
Room G 03.005
Opening hours by arrangement

Cycle Workshop Esslingen

Cycle Workshop Goeppingen

Cycling Maps

The cities of Esslingen and Goeppingen offer special cyclists’ maps to help you get orientated. With them, you can quickly find the way to the University and discover the most attractive routes in the area for your leisure time.

Maps in Esslingen:
Esslingen Tourist Office GmbH
Marktplatz 116, Esslingen

Maps in Goeppingen:
i-Punkt in the Town Hall (Rathaus)
Hauptstraße 1, Goeppingen

Digital Route Calculation

Of course, these days you can get the easiest and quickest route calculated on the Internet. There are also very good websites for cycle route planning, for instance, the Stuttgart Transport Authority’s website, Radroutenplaner des VVS.

The Stuttgart Transport Authority (VVS) has recently made a free cycle route planner available as an App for Smartphones and Tablets. With it, you need never get lost again.

Pedelecs for Official Business

We admit, the climb uphill to the hilltop campus is a challenge for every cyclist!

However, there is powered support: for official business between the city centre and hilltop campuses, there are two Pedelec cycles available on the city centre campus. If possible, a Pedelec-hire centre is being planned for the hilltop campus, too.

Car-sharing network

The spontaneous car-sharing network "flinc" is especially suitable for daily travellers to the University

Scarce parking spaces and high petrol prices: wouldn’t it be better to travel to the University with a kindred spirit?

flinc at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences has its own University group in which University members can offer or look for a car-share. You can register in flinc directly with your official University e-mail address – then you will be automatically accepted in the group.

The Live-Timetable shows the journeys of all flinc-users around Esslingen.

Live-timetable: Anyone can inform themselves about potential chauffeurs in the area. The system takes only seconds to find out who is available to take a passenger and mediates the lift.

The person looking for a lift receives information about the possible pick-up point, the profile and a photo of the chauffeur. If he or she decides not to accept it, the next-best lift is offered. Any detours are taken into account in price calculations.  

In the  Esslingen Car-sharing Agency upcoming journeys in the area can also be  listed (as a list, or after logging into flinc – also as a map).

Further info at flinc

 Flinc Gadget in the Intranet

The flinc gadget, that shows all current journeys in the flinc group, can be found in the University’s Intranet. In this way, current offers and requests for lifts can be seen at a glance.

After logging in, members of the University can add the gadget "Lifts" via "Change Settings". As soon as you have logged in, this is shown in your personalized portal.

How does flinc work?

Flinc works on your PC at home via the Website, when you are out and about via Smartphone apps, where you can log journeys and get live information about lifts, or integrated into your navigation system.

Compared to other established city-to-city car-sharing approaches, the flinc server has a number of advantages:
flexibility, exact addresses for lifts, a “trust network” of friends and groups, "dynamic ridesharing" in real time, regular journeys (especially useful for daily travelers), or "route matching" (for parts of a journey).


Environmental Topics in Student Assignments

Students can choose environmental topics in their Bachelor’s or Master’s theses, or in projects.

Open Topics:

  • Sustainable acquisition at the University:  stocktaking and potential improvements
  • Increasing transparency: for example, showing real time consumption 
  • Energy register: develop a clear metering structure
  • Development of an environmental app
  • Introduce returnable coffee-to-go mugs
  • Your own ideas are welcome!

Topics dealt with in 2016/17:

  • Energy register - Evaluation of suitable companies/activities for a new energy monitoring system
  • Creation of a suggestion scheme for environmental management
  • Development of a system for using and monitoring the use of e-bikes belonging to Esslingen University of Applied Sciences
  • Measures to increase awareness of EMAS

Apply for summer semester 2023!

The application phase for the summer semester 2023 begins 15 October 2022 for the Master's programmes and on 24 October 2022 for the Bachelor's programmes.

Direct enrolment in our open-admission programmes from 15 October 2022.

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