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Our Vision

  • We have a unique and forward-looking profile including engineering, natural, economic, social, educational and nursing sciences, characterised by expertise, interdisciplinary collaboration and active participation in social change.
  • We are among the first choice for research with specialisations in digitalisation, energy, mobility, production, health and society, with highly qualified scientists as well as a future-oriented infrastructure.
  • We are the first choice for economic, scientific and social institutions as employers, project partner and source of new ideas.
  • In competition with other universities, we continue to enjoy a place at the top.

Our Mission

  • We successfully prepare our students to take on responsibilities in all areas of society through scientifically-based and practice-oriented studies.
  • We successfully impart knowledge, practical skills and social competencesat the highest level.
  • We are a platform for the transfer of knowledge and technologyand also for social discourse. Through our research, we build bridges between knowledge and its practical application to the benefit of society, economic prosperity and preservation of our natural resources. 
  • We live together with cultural diversity, and our joint work is characterised by mutual respect, cooperation and trust. Equality has a special place in our work.
  • Our university iscosmopolitan and open-minded, but with strong regional links.
  • Our culture encourages entrepreneurshipand start-ups.

Apply for winter semester 2022/23!

For the summer semester 2022, direct enrolment for some open-admission degree programmes is still possible until 21 February.
Applications for the winter semester will be accepted from 15 April 2021 on.
Please note the different application times for our international Master's programmes.

More information