M.Eng. in Design and Development for Automotive and Mechanical Engineering

State-of-the-art simultaneous engineering requires modern engineers with a networked knowledge in the core and intersection areas of design, development, simulation and production technology. Furthermore, engineers need the ability to communicate and act confidently in the international / intercultural environment of modern industry. The MEng in Design and Development in Automotive and Mechanical Engineering at the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences focuses on these requirements.

The learning approach in the master's program is both international and interdisciplinary. Interacting in teams of different cultures, languages and disciplines, students create new sources of synergy and productivity and at the same time acquire new skills. Here, all faculties of business and engineering work side by side to share knowledge and achieve common goals.

The study program begins in September of each year: a master's degree can be achieved after the standard study period of three semesters (1,5 years). The language of instruction in all lectures is English. The DDM program was accredited in 2007 by ASIIN

Nejdet Niflioglu to lecture on Daimler's Diversity Program

Winner of the Federal Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany Nejdet Niflioglu shares his work on integration with GS students.[more]

Class of 2012/2014 Graduation

Many congratulations are due to our graduating class of 2012/2014, to our prize-winners and laudators.[more]

Kettering Unviersity's Professor Dr. Mohammad Torfeh lectures in the Graduate School

In the winter semester 2013 / 2014, the ASM program was pleased to be able to welcome Dr. Mohammad Torfeh as a lecturer in the course Digital Control Systems.[more]

Graduate School welcomes new president

On 29 January 2014, the Graduate School welcomed a delegation from the office of new university president Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Christian Maercker[more]

French-German International Cooperation

“Build bridges between countries and cultures” – this was the vision that prompted Dean Karl Kottmann to help found the Esslingen Graduate School in 1998. 16 years later, Graduate School professors and staff are still striving...[more]

DDM student Floriane Dumur talks about Heide's Deutschtreff

Heide Elberth organises German conversation and culture meetings in Esslingen above and beyond anything official: Heide gives students a small community where they can be at home amongst friends.[more]