MBA alumni: the Esslingen MBA in 3 words

More than a typical MBA program

  • Designed for STEM graduates with management ambitions
  • Full-time MBA program, taught in English, duration 3 Semesters
  • Government subsidized tuition fees
  • Strong links to global players, hidden champions and family companies
  • Lifts students out of the classroom into real life situations in the industry
  • Mandatory corporate project and master's thesis in the industry
  • High professor-student ratio: an optimal learning environment
  • German language courses, cultural events and soft-skill seminars
  • Active international almuni network stretching all over the globe

Our program: the industry's #1 choice

In the Staufenbiel Institut* study of MBATrends 2015/16, Hochschule Esslingen had Germany's highest percentage of graduates entering the automotive industry and engineering consulting.

*Staufenbiel Institut is the leading platform for the personal marketing and recruiting of young academics in Germany.

In the Top 10 worldwide!

Esslingen Graduate School is now featured as a top business school worldwide in the career placement area of Industrial Management

MPlus Educational Supplement to Manager Magazine 2018/1

Combine engineering and management

Esslingen University is one of the leading universities in Germany for applied sciences, with core areas in engineering and management, as well as applied research.

These strengths form the Esslingen MBA in International Industrial Management, which focuses on the functional areas of business (operations, marketing and finance) in the manufacturing sector and the encompassing services.

MBA an International Top 10!

In the 2018 rankings of the university placement portal Find MBA, the Esslingen MBA in International Industrial Management ranked amongst the top 10.[more]

Class of 2016 at its final hurdle!

Our Senior MBAs have another few days' work ahead of them and then they can begin to celebrate.[more]

Songs... plays... presentations: the GS German party!

Staff and teachers got to lean back last Friday and be entertained: our students put on what is perhaps the most creative afternoon of the year: the German party.[more]

Finnish Business Professor to lecture in the MBA

On Thursday 13 June, Professor Maija Haaramo from Tampere University in Finland will visit Esslingen to lecture on "Leadership in Finland"[more]

DDM student Floriane Dumur talks about Heide's Deutschtreff

Heide Elberth organises German conversation and culture meetings in Esslingen above and beyond anything official: Heide gives students a small community where they can be at home amongst friends.[more]