Your first days on campus

Your first days at your new university will be really interesting – right in the first week, you will get loads of new impressions and information.
Here’s how the first day is organised:

Introductory events and starting lectures

The introductory event for the summer semester 2020 will take place on Monday, 16 March.
Lectures for the first semester will begin on Tuesday, 17 March.

The exact procedure will be published about 4 weeks in advance.


Worth knowing when you get started

WLAN & Co. at the University

Technical Support

During the first week of the new semester, the Computer Center introduces students to the University’s IT services. The Computer Center will help you connect your mobile devices to the University’s mobile network in a WLAN tutorial.  

The next WLAN tutorial takes place:

  • Friday, 4th October, 2019
  • The tutorials start at 13.30, 14.30, 15.30, and 16.30. To avoid a crowd, you don’t have to appear at 13.30. You can come to any of the later starting times.

Here you can get support in setting up laptops and smartphones.

Location: Esslingen City Centre Campus in building 5, room S05.008



The repository of knowledge: the library.


There is a University library in Esslingen and Goeppingen. 

Esslingen University Library
Flandernstr. 101
73732 Esslingen
Telefon: 0711 397-4103

Esslingen University Library in Goeppingen
Robert-Bosch-Str. 1
73037 Goeppingen
Telefon: 07161 679-1191


HE portal – University’s Intranet

HE portal – your entry point into the University’s Intranet

There are a number of areas that can be accessed internally by students that are not externally visible. For this reason, you should always log on to the HE portal. There you can find everything that could be interesting to you.

You access the portal with your personal username. There, you can find all the information you need about the lecture timetable/schedule (LSF), the learning platform, the University administration, and student representation - AStA, dates, and much more. 

Here, you can access the Intranet portal (after login) 


Where are the lectures/classes held?

How to find your room

The rooms at Esslingen University are numbered according to the following system:

Example: S 1.204

S/F/G = The letter tells you which campus
(S = Esslingen City Centre Campus, F= Esslingen Hilltop Campus, Flandernstrasse, G = Goeppingen Campus)

The number before the point
tells you the building number

The numbers after the point tell you the room number:
the first number denotes the floor within the building. 
If there is a minus sign (-1) before the first digit, the room is in the basement.

Thus, in our example, S 1.204 is located
on the City Centre Campus
in building 1
on the 2nd floor
and has the room number 204.


Health & Safety Information

Health & Safety Information

Health & safety precautions can save lives. 

There is a health & safety briefing on the first day at the University. This provides the basis to enable you, for example, to work in the labs. 

  • Göppingen Campus: Monday, 30 September 2019, 14:30 at the Assembly Hall
  • Esslingen Hill Top Campus: Tuesday, 1st, October 2019, 15:45 at the Assembly Hall
  • Esslingen City Center Campus: Wednesday, 2nd October, 2019, 15:45


Student ID

Student ID

You will receive a student ID with the following features:

  •     Copy and print card (electronic purse)
  •     Electronic key
  •     Library card
  •     Student ID
  •     Pay card

The letter you received about the enrolment procedure also contains further details about collecting your student identity card.


Apply for winter semester 2020/21!

Applications open April 15th 2020

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