If you do not (yet) want to take up your university place

Cancelling your Student Place

You can cancel your enrolment any time up to the official entrance day. You will receive a refund of any fees that have paid.

Please send us these documents together with your student ID card and your enrolment certificate:
Cancellation of student place
Application for refunding of fees

Please note: If you decide to decline your student place after the official entrance day, you can no longer cancel your enrolment; instead you will have to de-enrol. Information on how to do this can be obtained from the Student Services and Degreee Programme Management Department.

If you’re no longer interested in your student place

If you decide not to accept your student place because you have enrolled at another university, you don’t have to do anything. As soon as the enrolment deadline has passed, your place will be given to another applicant.

Postponement due to military service, community service or voluntary social service, etc. (pre-selection procedure)

You should not enrol if you are unable to accept your student place for one of the following reasons 

  • current or future military service/community service
  • employment as a development worker
  • voluntary social or environmental year or
  • care of a child under 18 years of age or a relative in need of care.

You do not have decline your student place. Please keep your certificate of admission in a safe place so that you can reapply later.

After finishing your period of service, you have a very god chance of being selected through the pre-selection procedurePlease reapply in good time. 

In your reapplication, please include:

  • a copy of your certificate of admission and
  • a copy of your certificate showing that you have completed a period of military or community service (beginning and end) or have been employed as a development worker or have completed a voluntary social or environmental year, or documentary evidence that you have cared for a child or relative in need of care in accordance with § 14, para. 1, clause 4 of the Regulations on University Selection Procedures (Hochschulvergabeverordnung) for Baden-Wuerttemberg (HVVO).

In order to qualify for the pre-selection procedure for the winter semester, confirmation that the period of service has ended must arrive by 1st October; for the summer semester, by 15th March.

Please note that applications for the pre-selection procedure can only be considered if the applicant applied for and was admitted to the same degree course during the period of service and was unable to take up the student place due to the period of service. Applications under the pre-selection procedure are possible up to the 2nd selection procedure after the period of service has ended.

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The application period for our Bachelor degree programmes runs from 1 July to 20 August 2020.
The application period for our Master degree programmes runs from 15 April to 15 July.

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