At a glance: applications for a Master’s degree course

The following shows you how to apply for a Master’s degree course. Student places are limited so there is a selection procedure. Here, you can find out what you need for your application.

1. Check the requirements

The requirements and conditions for Master’s degree courses vary according to the subject.
Select the degree programme you are interested in from the overview to see more detailed information:

Master’s degree courses: overview and information

Applied InformaticsWS/SS15.07./15.01.Ess-Flandernstrasse
Applied Surface und Material SciencesWS/SS15.07./15.01.Ess-City Centre (etc.)
Applied Socio-Educational Research  SS30.11.Ess-Flandernstrasse
Automotive Systems WS31.03.Ess-Flandernstrasse
Biotechnology (part-time)WS/SS15.07./15.01.external
Design and Development in Automotive and Mechanical EngineeringWS31.03.Ess-Flandernstrasse
Energy Systems and Energy Management  WS/SS15.07./15.01.Ess-City Centre
Automotive Engineering  SS15.01.Ess-City Centre
Innovation Management WS/SS15.07./15.01.Ess-Flandernstrasse
International Industrial Management WS31.05.Ess-Flandernstrasse
Mechatronics/Systems Engineering  WS/SS15.07./15.01.Goeppingen (etc.)
Nursing Science  WS15.07.Ess-Flandernstrasse
Resource Efficiency in Mechanical Engineerin  SS15.01.Ess-City Centre
Social WorkSS30.11.Ess-Flandernstrasse
Smart Factory WS/SS15.7./15.1.Goeppingen
Environmental Protection  WS/SS15.01./15.07.Ess-City Centre (etc.)

2. Applications

Depending on the Master’s degree course, there are different online platforms and requirements for your application. You can find an overview here:


Online portal for applications to a Master’s degree course

3. Sending your application portfolio by post

Check that you have all the necessary documentation.

Checklist for Master’s degree courses

Send your application portfolio by post by the relevant deadline (the date of arrival at the University counts, not the date of the postmark) to:

Hochschule Esslingen – Esslingen University of Applied Sciences
-Zulassungsamt- Admissions Office -
Kanalstraße 33
73728 Esslingen am Neckar

4. Finished! Now wait for your admission

After you have submitted your complete application portfolio, your application will be processed and you will be informed of the result as soon as possible.
Tip: The earlier you send us your portfolio, the sooner we can process it and ask you to send any missing documents in time.


At second glance: further info about your Master’s application

FAQs and further information for Master’s applicants:

I obtained my first degree abroad. Can I apply for a Master’s degree course to Esslingen University of Applied Sciences with my Bachelor’s degree/Diploma?

Yes, but you have to get your foreign qualification accredited and possibly to provide proof of having passed a German test.

You must have your foreign certificate recognised

Please apply for accreditation in time, as the accreditation certificate has to be included in your application portfolio to Esslingen University of Applied Sciences.

  • German applicants with a foreign Bachelor’s degree certificate/Diploma should inquire at the  Admissions Office nach.
  • Foreign applicants with a foreign Bachelor’s degree certificate/Diploma have to get their certificates accredited by the  University of Constance (Studienkolleg Konstanz). The University checks to see whether your qualifications are comparable to German university entrance qualifications and calculates a grade according to the German grading system. 

To the Studienkolleg Konstanz (foreign applicants)


Our courses are taught mainly in German. Foreign nationals with foreign certificates must therefore provide proof of having passed a German test when they enrol at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences at the latest. We accept the following certificates:


What documentation should I submit?

In the Checklist you will find a list of all the documents that you need for your application.

Moreover, you can find information about the certificates and documentary evidence that you have to submit on the webpages of the relevant course (see above).

Can I apply for the winter and summer semester?

Not all Master’s degree courses start in both semesters. The table above shows you the application deadlines and staring times of all the Master’s degree courses.

I will complete my first degree after the deadline. Can I still apply?

You can apply with certification of your current grades on your Bachelor’s degree course/Diploma course.

When you register, you have to provide certification of the final grade achieved.

Administration fees and Student Union contributions

The following fees / contributions are generally compulsory for degree courses at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences and must be paid on time every semester:

  • Student Union contribution: 100.60 euros
  • Student body contribution: 5.00 euros
  • Administration fees: 70.00 euros

You will receive further details with your registration papers.

Exemption from payment of Student Union contributions

Students with severe disabilities can be partially exempted from paying Student Union contributions.

If, due to your severe disability, you are entitled to free use of public transport, you can apply for reimbursement of the amount that is paid for the StudiTicket (currently 45.60 euros). When you register, please pay the full Student Union contribution for the time being and apply for reimbursement to the Student Union (Studierendenwerk) Stuttgart, Rosenbergstr. 18, 70174 Stuttgart with a copy of your disabled person’s pass (no form required).

No tuition fees

In Baden-Württemberg, the following groups are not required to pay tuition fees.

  • German students
  • students who are nationals of a member state of the European Union or another signatory state to the Agreement on the European Economic Area
  • international students who have a German university entrance qualification.

Applicants for a Second Degree

Students who have already completed an undergraduate degree or a consecutive Master’s degree, have to pay tuition fees of 650 euros per semester.

Tuition fees for advanced Master’s degree courses in collaboration with external institutions

The following fees apply to certain Master’s degree courses:

  • International Industrial Management: 1,200 euros per semester

Information about fees for Master’s degree courses that are offered in collaboration with an external institution should be obtained from the relevant institution.

International students

Students who are not nationals of a member state of the European Union or another signatory state of the Agreement on the European Economic Area are fundamentally required to pay tuition fees. The fees for international students are EUR 1,500 per semester. The law provides for a few exceptions, however, whereby international students are exempt from tuition fees. If you fulfil these criteria and provide us with the appropriate documentation to prove this in due time before you enrol, you will not have to pay the tuition fees for international students.

Checklist: Do you have to pay tuition fees?

Application form for exemption from payment of tuition fees

Form for exemption from payment of tuition fees (German)
Form for exemption from payment of tuition fees (English)

Please submit the German form and relevant documentation together with your application portfolio. These must arrive before the application deadline. 

Note on tuition fees

It may be possible to be exempted from the payment of tuition fees during a sabbatical semester, a compulsory practical semester or if you have disabilities. Further exemptions may be made in certain exceptional circumstances for international students. Further information can be found under the Ministry for Science, Research and Art (Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst).

How Esslingen University of Applied Sciences deals with your data, and your rights

We herewith wish to inform you how Esslingen University of Applied Sciences processes your personal data and about your rights under the data protection provisions (Art. 13, 14 and 21 EU-GDPR).

Data privacy information

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