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KIP Control of Internet propaganda


Research directors at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences:


Prof. Dr. Kurt Möller

Research assistants:

Oliver Honer; Marion Lempp, M.A.; Florian Neuscheler M.A.

Duration: 01.11.2018 – 31.10.2020

Funding institution:

Bundeskriminalamt, Forschungsstelle Terrorismus/Extremismus (FTE), unterstützt durch den ISF (Innerer Sicherheitsfond)

Collaboration partners:

Violence Prevention Network, Munich Innovation Labs

Brief description:

The project carries out the academic evaluation of the practical work done by the prevention support organisation Violence Prevention Network to counteract extremist Internet propaganda in prisons. In line with the innovative content of this approach, the aim is an evaluation of the concept, structure, process and result which is formative in nature, i. e. it aims to identify strengths and weaknesses while the practical work is still ongoing in order to provide a formative orientation, and to continually provide optimisation recommendations on this basis. The evaluation feeds into a summarising examination of the transfer potential of the approaches, procedures and strategies developed to contexts outside the project and the necessary implementation conditions of the practical work investigated.

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