The human being is at the heart of what we do

By choosing to study in the Faculty of Social Work, Education and Nursing Sciences you will familiarise yourself with the different fields of vocational activity: social work, the professional provision of nursing care and health care services, and the work undertaken in facilities for children and families. All degree programmes give you a grounding in the social sciences, are broadly based and directed towards the practical requirements of demanding professional work. They provide you with important specialist, methodological, social and personal skills that you will need to plan and work in the various vocational fields involved in social care, health care and education.

Who we are

The Faculty of Social Work, Education and Nursing Sciences (SABP) has:

  • approx. 1,000 students
  • 5 Bachelor degree programmes
  • 4 Master degree programmes
  • approx. 40 professors
  • approx. 90 assistant lecturers
  • approx. 30 members of staff

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