Those who already have training in nursing can build up pedagogical theory of education skills in the Bachelor of Nursing Teacher Education.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)Nursing Teacher Education

Are you already trained as a nurse and want to be involved in training the next generation of nurses? With this degree programme, you can acquire pedagogical-didactic as well as nursing and subject-specific skills for a professional job in Nursing Teacher Education. The degree programme opens up new career perspectives and interesting fields of employment in education, training and advanced studies in nursing.


  • Campus Hilltop

  • Period in semester7 or 6 semester (with credit for vocational training)

  • Languages of instructionGerman

  • Application PeriodsWinter semester: 30 April to 15 September

  • Continuing Master ProgramsNursing Sciences

Enrol as of 30 April!

Career Perspectives


With a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing Teacher Education , you can, for example, take up a job as a practice coordinator or full-time central practice instructor. Entry into a vocational school and practical teaching are also possible. Or you can already work as a teacher with your Bachelor's degree and acquire a Master’s degree in parallel. Continuing education and training also offer interesting work opportunities.

Your career opportunities

  • Practical guidance and conceptual tasks in practical nursing training
  • Teaching activities at health and nursing schools, especially practical teaching and practical supervision
  • Planning and implementation of in-house training and education
  • Quality development for providers and facilities
After your degree, you can, for example, take up a teaching position at health and nursing schools.



There are no admission restrictions for this degree programme.
You enrol and secure your place on the degree programme for the upcoming semester.

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For this degree programme, in addition to the university entrance qualification or the entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences, you need a completed vocational training as a nursing specialist, geriatric nurse, health and nursing assistant or as a health and paediatric nurse.

Students at their laptops in the library of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences
  1. Check the requirements
    Do you have a university entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur/Fachhochschulreife), a school leaving qualification from a country other than Germany, or a vocational qualification? If you do, you have already fulfilled the first requirement.

  2. Register on HEonline and choose a degree programme
    Use your personal details to register on the HEonline Campus Management System  and choose the degree programme you want to take.

  3. Upload your documents
    Upload your documents and certificates onto the HEonline Campus Management System. We must have your documents by the enrolment deadline at the latest.

  4. Receive your confirmation of admission and accept the university place you are offered
    When you have submitted all the necessary information, you will receive an email with the pro forma letter of admission with the offer of a place at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences. You can now accept the offer of a place in your HEonline account.

  5. Apply to enrol
    When you have uploaded all your documents and certificates by the deadline specified and paid the mandatory fees and subscriptions, you must confirm your details and submit them to us. This automatically submits your enrolment application. You are then enrolled for the upcoming semester at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences. You will receive an email welcoming you to Esslingen and providing you with some initial information.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to combine study and work?

Yes, you can still work to a certain extent. The days you are required to study are – with reservation – laid down in advance for the whole degree programme.



Which qualifications can I gain while I am studying?

On successful completion of the 2nd semester you are qualified as a practical instructor.
From the 4th semester onwards you can work as a teaching assistant at a school of nursing.


Is my university place guaranteed when I enrol for this degree programme?

Yes, for degree programmes which have no admission restrictions (no NC), there is no prior selection procedure. All applicants will be awarded a university place directly when all necessary documents have been submitted by the enrolment deadline, the documents have been examined and the administration fees have been paid.


Can I enrol although I have not yet received my final certificate?

Unfortunately not. We require your certificate by the enrolment deadline at the latest.


For whom is the study programme suitable?

Are you empathetic, open and team-orientated? Would you like to pass on your skills and experiences in the nursing profession and promote development in the health sector?

Do you enjoy educational topics and want to broaden your skills? Are you interested in learning about the state of current research in  nursing education? Then the Nursing Teacher Education degree programme will suit you!

You want to pass on your experience from your care profession to others? Then you have come to the right place!

What distinguishes usGood reasons for studying at Esslingen University

The easy route to studying

Our professors will support and advise you during the introductory phase of your studies.


A large network of cooperation partners in practice complement the theory in the degree programme.

Family-friendly university

We support parents as well as students with responsibilities for children and relatives in their studies with advisory services.

Studies and work

For better compatibility, the study days are already fixed for the entire study programme.

Close to research

Contribute to current research projects as a student assistant or as part of your Bachelor's thesis.


Well stocked, with many study spaces and a beautiful view over Esslingen, the library is the perfect place to learn.


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