In the Nursing Management degree programme, you will develop mature concepts and maintain a high quality in the healthcare system.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)Nursing Management

A society that is growing older needs good nursing management. Keep the healthcare system at a high level and develop mature concepts in the Nursing Management degree programme. Here you will be optimally prepared for a scientifically based profession. In doing so, you can organise your studies individually and continue your education in Nursing Sciences alongside your job. For this degree programme, you will need completed vocational training.

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Career Perspectives


The Nursing Management degree programme optimally prepares you for a job in nursing. They have the ability to take on leadership in professional associations, the nursing chamber or European and international health care organisations, such as the WHO. Become an expert in Nursing Sciences research and develop new concepts. The high quality of the teaching and the great practical relevance ideally prepares you for your further career!

Your career opportunities

  • Nursing manager in inpatient and outpatient facilities
  • Quality management and development
  • Planning and controlling service processes
  • Organisational support
  • Nursing expert for performance analysis, planning, counselling and evaluation
  • Specialist in prevention, health promotion and occupational health management
  • Personnel management and leadership
As a care manager, you will always have an eye on the developments of your facility.



There are no admission restrictions for this degree programme.
You enrol and secure your place on the degree programme for the upcoming semester.

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For the Nursing Management degree programme you will need to have completed training in one of the following areas: Geriatric nursing, obstetric nursing, curative education nursing, paediatric nursing, health care nursing, nursing.

Students at their laptops in the library of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences
  1. Check the requirements
    Do you have a university entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur/Fachhochschulreife), a school leaving qualification from a country other than Germany, or a vocational qualification? If you do, you have already fulfilled the first requirement.

  2. Register on HEonline and choose a degree programme
    Use your personal details to register on the HEonline Campus Management System  and choose the degree programme you want to take.

  3. Upload your documents
    Upload your documents and certificates onto the HEonline Campus Management System. We must have your documents by the enrolment deadline at the latest.

  4. Receive your confirmation of admission and accept the university place you are offered
    When you have submitted all the necessary information, you will receive an email with the pro forma letter of admission with the offer of a place at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences. You can now accept the offer of a place in your HEonline account.

  5. Apply to enrol
    When you have uploaded all your documents and certificates by the deadline specified and paid the mandatory fees and subscriptions, you must confirm your details and submit them to us. This automatically submits your enrolment application. You are then enrolled for the upcoming semester at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences. You will receive an email welcoming you to Esslingen and providing you with some initial information.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I adapt the time I take to complete my studies to match my needs?

The degree programme can be designed to be flexible and students can also study at their own speed (e. g. as they start their family). At the same time, 30 Credits may be granted for nursing-related vocational training, thus shortening the programme by one semester.


Is it also possible to have other advanced training I have done credited?

Credits may be granted for officially approved nursing-related advanced training and further relevant professional work can be credited against parts of the semester of practical study.


I have no nursing-related training, can I still study Nursing Management?

Students wanting to study Nursing Management must have completed their nursing training.

If you do not have a vocational training qualification, you may apply for the Nursing (B.Sc) professional qualification.
In exceptional cases, it is possible to take the programme without a university entrance qualification.

Is my university place guaranteed when I enrol for this degree programme?

Yes, for degree programmes which have no admission restrictions (no NC), there is no prior selection procedure. All applicants will be awarded a university place directly when all necessary documents have been submitted by the enrolment deadline, the documents have been examined and the administration fees have been paid.


Can I enrol although I have not yet received my final certificate?

Unfortunately not. We require your certificate by the enrolment deadline at the latest.


For whom is the study programme suitable?

You have already completed training in a nursing profession? Are you looking to expand your knowledge even more? Do you want to combine your studies and your profession? By transferring your theoretical knowledge to practical and current problems, you can apply what you have learned directly. If you want to take nursing forward and provide leadership for a team, the Nursing/Nursing Management degree programme is for you!

Students at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences standing on the stairs looking upwards.

A formative time

“For me, my time studying at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences has been one of the most formative periods of my professional life so far. Studying allowed me to think outside the box and make connections with other nursing students in other European countries. A structured approach is essential in research. This was taught to us students and still shapes my work today.”

Dr. biol. Hum. Patrick Roigk, Alumni Nursing Management
A portrait of Patrick Roigk, Alumni of the Nursing Management degree programme

Pushing changes

After I finished my training, I worked in the hospital for one and a half years. I observed structures that I didn't really like. With the Nursing Management degree programme, I have the opportunity to change something about the structures. I study here in Esslingen because many of my teachers studied here and it is a very renowned university for social work and social welfare.

Derrick Obase, student of Nursing/Nursing Management
Dericke Obase wants to make a difference with his studies in nursing/nursing management.

What distinguishes usGood reasons for studying at Esslingen University

Family-friendly university

We support parents as well as students with responsibilities for children and relatives in their studies with advisory services.

Excellent teaching

Teachers with 20 years of experience in academic nursing education support you during your studies.


Well stocked, with many study spaces and a beautiful view over Esslingen, the library is the perfect place to learn.

High flexibility

The individually organised study programme enables students to work and/or spend time with their families.


Many graduates are already given quality management tasks during their studies.

University Sports Club

Directly on campus, there is a sports hall and gym as well as football pitches and basketball courts.


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